The Design Community

The Design Community

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Another Design Community?

Umm... No. We’re The Design Community.
May sound weird, but we’re a bunch of 20-something designers who want to give back to the community.

Too early? Who cares. We’re not the most experienced designers - but we’re working on a lot of stuff & want you to be a part of our journey.

What's in it for You?

Welcome to the community - we’re excited you’re here!
Design is a vast yet closely-knit community, and we want you to experience the very best of it. PeopleWho.Design is your platform to ask questions without hesitations, learn new things every day and make friends with a tonne of people who design.

It’s also an opportunity to interact with a lot of industry leaders and get mentorship from them.
It is a long journey ahead - and we’re with you in it.

How’s it going so far? We hope you’re having a good time.
You already know the value of design - let’s talk beyond that. We as a community, believe in collective growth. It is one of our core principles at PeopleWho.Design and something we always strive for.

On our platform, everyone has something to teach - and we’re so lucky, we get to learn not only from the experts, but also the beginners.
We’re in this together. Remember? If you grow, we grow.

We’re glad you’re here.
The design landscape is changing faster than ever - and with so many people transitioning into design every day, the industry is in dire need of leaders like you, looking for direction and guidance.

PeopleWho.Design is your platform to guide the community in whole - and give direction to what comes next.  
We’ll hold your beer.

We've got a timeline... sort of.

14 Aug, 2019
Launch: Version 1.0 of
7 Sep, 2019
Event: Webflow masterclass
21 Sep, 2019
Event: 'Get started with Figma' workshop
October, definitely
Launch: Version 2.0 of
Uh, got tips?
Drop a line at - contact@

Why a 'sort of' timeline?

Although we want to work on it as much as we can, our tight work schedules don’t allow us to work on it full time. But we’ll be sticking to our ‘sort of’ timeline at any cost. Maybe not any cost, but you get it, right!?

If you’re a designer who wants to give back to the community, we’ve got something for you.

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If not now, When?

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